Explore how physical mail and digital marketing can work together to create
An impactful and responsive marketing mix that will lead your business to better returns
Higher ROIs and record-breaking sales
87% of consumers use more than one device simultaneously
70% prefer a variety of options for communication with brands

To Drive Revenue – Connecting with Customers Right Now Is Crucial!

Revolutionizing Direct Mail to Maximize the Impact of Your Advertising!
Take the High Response of Direct Mail and Lift the Response Rates 23-46% or Higher Results with

  • Designed to Track the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Campaign
  • Deliver Highly Interested Prospects and Enhance Your Results
  • Seamlessly Integrate Up to 13 Digital Technologies
  • Through an Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Platform

Coordinating Digital & Direct Mail Resulted in

  • Increased Website Visits 68%
  • Increased Response Rate 63%
  • Increase In Leads 53% (USPS)
  • 85% of Consumers Prefer a Blend of Digital & Physical Channels (CMO & Pitney Bowes Study)
  • Marketing Campaigns Using Direct Mail & 1 or More Digital Media Experienced a 118% Lift in Response (Merkle)
  • Purchase Frequency Is 250% Higher on Omni-Channel vs. Single Channel (Omnisend) • 60% Increasd ROI
  • Average Order Value Is 13% More per Order on Omni-Channel vs. Single Channel (Omnisend)
  • Customers Who Shop Across Channels Have a 30% Higher Lifetime Value (Google)
  • 43% Ordered a Product • 54% Engaged in Social Media • 25% Increase in Consumer Spending

Google & Facebook can tell you how many people came to your websites, but not who.
Do you think knowing who visited your website & what they were interested in could make a major improvement to your bottom line?
Imagine what you could do with a list of prime prospects who have an interest, need or desire for your products/services.
Hallelujah!! “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice & be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24
This is your opportunity to take advantage of our one-of-a-kind, patent pending technology designed to identify your unique website visitors & give you 95% accurate info on them.
You’ll know their name, address, phone number, e-mail & more. Plus you’ll know the number of times they visited your site, the pages they visited, the duration of time spent on each page & the top 5 url’s they visited. (probably your direct competitors) Now you can guage who are the most interested prospects for your products/services & target them directly with relevant offers! Cha-Ching!

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Fusion Enhanced Marketing + Fusion AR

Fusion Augmented Reality QR Codes
Combining Direct Mail + Online Technologies + QR Interactive Print
Creating Synergies That Enhance Overall Response & Results
No Lead Left Behind… No Money Left On the Table!

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