•Effective •Affordable •Targeted Direct Mail Advertising for Locally Owned Businesses

Need More Customers?

Partner with Other Locally Owned Businesses in Our Community to:

  • Effectively Attract the Attention of Your Potential Customers
  • Create Awareness of Your Products/Services
  • Hold Buyer’s Interest in Learning More About the Benefits of Your Products/Services
  • Inspire Confidence and Belief • Create a Desire to Buy
  • Motivate Affluent Buyers to Action with a Decision to Buy and
  • Do It All with an Affordabe Investment!

Powerful Advertising That Works for You!

Joining your business with the other businesses in Incentives adds more variety and choices for our readers Increasing the overall effectiveness and readership and creating greater exposure for your business.
The more readers, the better the results Incentives will produce for everyone.
Together We Can Inspire Each Other to Greatness! Working together, everyone achieves more!

A Superior Quality Ad Your Potential Customers Can Hold In Their Hands

  • Creates a Positive Image for Your Business!
  • Is More Trustworthy Than Online Ads!
  • Is More Unique, Personally Relevant and Meaningful!
  • Makes Your Potential Customers Feel Valued & Appreciated!
  • Is More Memorable! People Are 70% More Likely to Remember Your Print Ad vs an Online Ad!
  • Is Engaging and Creates a Strong Emotional Desire & Intent for People to Buy from You!
  • Gets More Attention & Increases Your Visibility and Converts Online Shoppers into Buyers!

Results of Print vs Digital: Temple University Center Study for Neural Decision Making

How Do People Respond to Direct Mail?

  • 64% visited a website
  • 43% ordered a product
  • 47% visited a store
  • 50% made an in-store purchase
  • 54% engaged in social media

The Bottom Line – Direct mail should not be used in solo. Combining direct mail and digital marketing creates synergies that enhance overall results and response.


Break Through the Noise of Online Advertising

Get Your Advertising Noticed

79% of households say they read or scan direct-mail ads
39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of direct-mail advertising
92% of young shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions
56% of customers find print advertising to be the most trustworthy type of marketing
44% of customers visit a brand’s website after receiving direct-mail marketing
48% of people retain direct mail for future reference

  • Direct-mail advertising yields, on average, a 13-to-1 ROI ratio
  • For every $167 spent on direct mail, U.S. marketers sell $2,095 in goods
  • Since 2004, direct-mail marketing response rates have increased by 14%

DMR Marketing Statistics • Rochester Institute of Technology • Brian Morris • Last updated: July 1st, 2020

Can You Afford To Have Your Marketing Efforts Deleted with a Click or a Swipe?

The average lifespan of an Email is 17 seconds compared to Direct Mail’s average lifespan of 17 days!

Get Noticed!

Consumers are far more likely to Notice, Open, Read & Enjoy Mail rather than digital advertising!
They consider it less intrusive, more memorable and the best way to make them feel valued!

Print Grabs Attention & Still Excites People!

With over 50 years of Advertising & Marketing experience, Chuck can help you make intelligent, affordable, effective advertising decisions.
INCENTIVES Magazine is the most powerful resource available to help Local Shoppers discover the perfect places to EAT • SHOP • PLAY & ENJOY the finest products and services from Locally Owned Businesses in our community for LESS.

Advertising that Makes Sense • Makes Sales and Makes MONEY!!!

Locally Owned & Family Operated in West St. Tammany Parish Since 1992
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July/August 2023
Mandeville • Abita Springs • Covington • Madisonville
In Homes 7/17/23 – 9/2/23


“We are super excited to join the Incentives Family based just on how professional the ads are and the areas they reach. Chuck was awesome to work with and we so weren’t ready for the response we received our very first issue! Our website almost crashed and we ended up having to add another delivery day to our route just for the Northshore! If any business wants a boost in their sales, try Incentives for sure!”

Susan Freeswick
Everyday Keto To Go: Feb/Mar 2021

“I always know when the magazines reach homes because our phone starts ringing immediately.” We gave Chuck strict orders to make sure we are always in his magazine.”

Brett Gioe
Zoom Tech: Since 1992

“I have used Chuck and Sandy’s magazine for over 20 years and have always gotten an excellent return on the coupons. It has helped me build my business.”

Donna Waguespak
Cuts Plus: Since 2001

“For over 13 years now, I have been a part of the Incentives magazine. Not only has it been a great magazine to advertise in, but it has also provided me with over half of my business and it continues to do so each and every month. No other advertising I do brings me the quality of customers I receive from Incentives. Aside from putting together the Incentives magazine, Chuck and Sandy have gone above and beyond and referred my company to their friends and family, which has been such an added bonus and is very greatly appreciated! Chuck also takes the time to personally hand-deliver the magazines to local businesses, which has also been an added benefit. So a big thank you to Chuck and Sandy for providing myself and other companies with a great means of advertisement!”

Louis Schneider
Schneider Home Improvements: Since 2008

“I enjoy working with Chuck & Sandy because they know how to promote my business and events. I am very pleased with the Incentives Magazine and I know advertising in it has given my events a real plus. They are experienced and trustworthy. “

Sundra Steinhauer
Steinhauer Productions: Since 2010

“Most of our advertising in Incentives is done between mid-August to the end of November. Within that time period, we average 400 – 600 coupons per issue and consider the investment we make in that advertising as business building. Because Chuck & Sandy are community-minded and promote local businesses, who advertise in Incentives, our customers are locals who have never enjoyed our shop previously. When people come in and use coupons from Incentives they always spend more. We consider our advertising in Incentives as free. We used to do Groupon, but have dropped that because Incentives is so much better.”

Tim Lantrip
English Tea Room: Since 2011

“Chuck and Sandy are amazing entrepreneurs. When doing business with them, they were always very knowledgeable about the product, they have always been available to answer questions and they are very personable and hospitable. I’ve always enjoyed working with them, they made me feel very comfortable and were very easy to talk with.”

Staci Moslee
TNT Tree Service: Since 2011

“Advertising with Incentives has been a great way to connect with our customers and offer them special money-saving coupons.”

Janet DeLuca
DeLuca’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts: Since 2011

“I have been working with Incentives Magazine for 9 years to promote my Insurance Business. It has been a pleasure working with Chuck in designing and strategic placement to receive the best return. My business has gained exposure due to the repetitive visual each month delivered into local homes and businesses.”

Rachel Estopinal
Elite Insurance Agency: Since 2012

“Professional, prompt, personal, and productive describe the services of Chuck and Sandy. Not to mention their creativity and care for everything they produce. No one, absolutely no one knows this business like them.”

Paul Smith
Life Church: Since 2012

“We have been advertising our appliance service business in Incentives since we first opened in April 2016. Chuck and Sandy make a vigorous effort through Incentives to make sure locally owned businesses are recognized throughout West St. Tammany Parish.”

Al Garcia
Al’s Affordable Appliance Service: Since 2016

“75% – 80% of all our new business comes from our ads in Incentives.”

Benton Block
Abita Wood Floors: Since 2018

“The response from our ads has been incredible.”

Tammy Creekmore
Aesthetic Landscape: Since 2018

“We’ve had at least 15 calls from our 1st ad the very first week so far.”

William Nieves
Willie’s Water Solutions: Since 2019

“We just had to share the phenomenal results we have experienced since starting our advertising with Incentives! Our first ad in August 2011 increased our sales over Aug 2010 by 282%! From August through December 2011 our sales were up 341% over our sales for the same period in 2010. All I can say is WOW! Advertising in Incentives is the answer to our prayers. Thank you.”

Holly & Carl Revels,
Inflatable Zoo

“Running our Ad in every magazine since August 2010 has shown over a 65% increase in new customers. We have never had such great success. Thank you for all your hard work!!!”

Your Network Logic Family

“Of all the advertising we do, we get the best results from your magazine.”

Bill Miller
LaVida Massage

“Just a quick THANK YOU for your publication, for encouraging me and working with me! I cannot tell you how much you have helped KC’s Babycakes since the ad hit. You’ve turned my business around. I am here as your testimonial anytime! Love ya!”

KC Dinhofer
KC’s Babycakes

“Tremendously Effective! We’ve tried everything else, but the response we’ve had from your magazine just boggles the mind.”

Dan Glazier
Mandeville Roofing

“The ad I have is working wonderfully! I have doubled my business since I placed my ad! The first day my last ad hit, I booked 7 new regular clients and several single jobs. Thanks so much for all your hard work.”

Beth Wright
A+ Cleaning Services

“We have always been pleased with our response. Last year we redeemed over 1,700 coupons, that’s over $42,000 in sales. The first quarter of this year redemption has increased our business by 240 new customers in our Mandeville store alone. That equates into $7,500 in new business and with an average of 60% – 70% of these new customers becoming regular customers, this kind of response is very important to our continued success. This does not include the 166 regular customers who also redeemed coupons for over $5,100 in sales for the same period.”

Pete Frey, GM,
5 Minute Oil Change

“The overwhelming success of our ad was instantaneous and we enjoyed immediate and definite response from the very first day of distribution. Never in all our years of business have we found such sure-fire means to build our clientele with such a high rate of success. It works . . . no fluff, just value and incredible deals. Marketing through your magazine paid for itself within 2-3 days and was the wisest business decision we’ve ever made.”

Ginger & Louie Finnan
Louie & the Redhead Lady

“We keep track of where every customer order originates and our ad in your magazine consistently generates 4 times as many work orders as the other 6 direct mail advertisers we use. Over 250 home owners found us through your magazine and these work orders produce 29% of our monthly sales volume – almost 1/3 of our business!”

The Calvo Family
Handyman Connection

“The ad is working great! Estimate I have done about $3600 – $3800 in business the first 2 weeks.”

Billy Flynn
ProServices LLC

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