Our Path to Success

Chuck & Sandy Morris

Our company was started by Chuck in Atlanta, GA in December 1985.
Having been involved in Sales & Marketing since graduating from college in January of 1970, Chuck was looking for a better way to help small family owned businesses reach their potential customers effectively & affordably.
His quest brought him to a former Yellow Page salesman, like himself, who had created a Coupon Shopping Guide named Save-All Pages. Joining forces with his new mentor, Chuck successfully expanded Save-All Pages across North Atlanta. Chuck had finally discovered & implemented an affordable advertising program that truly worked for his clients. Creating five individual mailing zones of 20,000 Income Select Homes & Businesses & mailing each one every quarter (4 times a year). Business was booming!
In August of 1990, Chuck returned home to attend his 25th Year Covington High School Class Reunion.

Realizing the importance of “friends & family” over the lure of the big city’s “fame & fortune”, Chuck sold his business to his mentor & moved back home 3 months later.
On New Year’s Eve of 1991, Chuck was introduced to an angel named Sandy by an old friend & on August 28th, 1992, they were married. According to Chuck’s very wise mother, she proclaimed that he had “finally found the best one in his own backyard.”
The Northshore was just starting to recover from the oil bust of the 80’s, so for 9 months in 1991, Chuck worked & trained with the largest direct mail company in the world, ADVO, Inc.
In January of 1992, Chuck found the Northshore in a new economy & The Magic was reborn. Today, over 37 years later, technology has taken us from printing & delivering our magazines on yellow newsprint with only red & black ink to an upscale, high gloss, full-color magazines.
Our mailing area covers affluent homeowners & businesses in Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington & Abita Springs. We print 38,000 – 40,000 magazines 9 times a year (every 5-6 weeks), mailing 34,000+ to named individual homeowners, another 3,000+ to business owners & distributing the rest through local businesses including the Tourist Commission, coffee shops, grocery stores & various other businesses.

Imagine having a Full Color, Hi-Impact Ad with Guaranteed Hand Delivery by the USPS to nearly 40,000 Affluent Homeowners and Businesses for less than 1¢ per mailbox. That’s over 108,800 potential buyers seeing and reading your advertising message over and over again for the five-six week shelf life of the magazines. Our readers thoroughly scrutinize our magazine an average of 3-5 times per issue which means your potential customers will see your message in Incentives more often in a 5-6 week period than any other single direct mail piece and for just a few more pennies per the piece, you can turn those direct mail ad impressions into an additional 8-16 repetitive ad impressions to the same audience online on Facebook, Instagram & Google Searches utilizing our FUSION Enhanced Marketing program.
80% of Sales Occur Between Your Ad’s 8th & 12th Visual Impression.

Chuck & Sandy Morris


Background – Chuck

1965 Graduate Covington High School

1965 – 1970

BS in Business Administration

Major – Marketing

University of Southwestern LA

1970 – 1973

Store Manager – Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, Miami, FL

1973 – 1980

Agency Sales Manager – Lincoln Nation Life Ins Co, Miami, FL

1980 – 1981

Managing Partner – IREX Premium Finance Co, Miami, FL

1981 – 1982

Outside Sales – Southern Bell Yellow Pages, Miami, FL

1982 -1983

VP Public Relations – Inaugural Miami Grand Prix, Miami, FL

1983 – 1986

Sales Manager – Marcoa Publishing, Inc., Eastern U.S.

National Publisher of Chamber of Commerce &

Military Base Directories

1986 – 1990 Began as The Ad Works Marketing Group, Inc. Publisher of Direct Mail Coupon Shopping Guides
Atlanta, GA

1990 – Present Currently Incorporated as Incentives LA, Inc. Publisher Direct Mail Coupon Shopping Guides
Covington, LA

Community Activities & Awards Include:

1977 – 1978 Coral Gables Jaycees – Treasurer

1977 – 1978 Coral Gables Jaycees – Officer of the Year 

1978 – 1979 Coral Gables Jaycees – Internal Affairs Vice President

1979 – 1980 Coral Gables Jaycees – Board of Directors

1980 – 1981 Coral Gables Jaycees – Robert L. Searle Award

Outstanding Leadership Award

1981 – Coral Gables Jaycees – Chairman

JCI North American & Caribbean Conference

1981 – U.S. Jaycees – Chairman

JCI International Conference

1981 – Presented Key to the City of Coral Gables, FL

1981 – 1982 Coral Gables Jaycees – President

1981 – 1982 Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce – Board of Directors

1982 – 1983 Coral Gables Jaycees – Chairman of the Board

1982 – 1983 Coral Gables Jaycees – W.L. Philbrick Award

Chairman of the Year “The Breeze” Chapter Newsletter

1982 – 1983 Florida Jaycees – 1st Place State Chairman of the Year 

“The Breeze” Chapter Newsletter

1982 – 1983 U.S. Jaycees – 3rd Place National Award

Chairman of the Year “The Breeze” Chapter Newsletter

1993 – St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce –

Founding Ambassador Committee and Chairman

1993 – St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce –

Member of the Year Award

1995 – St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce – Treasurer

1995 – Leadership St Tammany West – Founding Board of Directors

1996 – St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce –

Chairman of the Board

1997 – Leadership St Tammany West – Graduate

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