Would you like to get 23-46% higher
response on your marketing for a few extra pennies per mail piece?

Connecting With Customers Right Now is Crucial.

Get more from direct mail by seamlessly integration as many as 13 technologies, strategically timed and delivered to drive maximum exposure for your ad and multiple repetitive impressions with potential customers.
Grow your business, increase customer interaction and stay top of mind for pennies per mail piece!

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Want to Increase the Return on Your Direct Mail Advertising Dollars by 23-46%?
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This is Direct Mail on Steroids, a marketing-based solution designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while enhancing your results through the integration of 7 Digital Technologies strategically timed and delivered through an Omni-Channel marketing automation platform to turn a single mail piece impression into 8 to 16 repetitive images of your ad to the same audience across multiple platforms for just pennies per piece. 80% of sales occur between your ad's 8th and 12th visual impression. Incentives Plus.
No lead left behind and no money left on the table!


Mail Tracking

Informed Delivery®

Call & Text Tracking

Online Follow-Up

Social Media Follow-Up


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How does it work?
How can you achieve that lift?

We achieve lift through patent pending, synergistic and simultaneous deployment of up to 13 different technologies.
This includes mail tracking, Informed Delivery via the USPS, call and text response tracking, SocialMatch (Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Ads), online and social media follow-up (retargeting), geo-targeting with google and social ads, Google Discovery ads which includes Gmail and YouTube and LeadMatch which allows you to retarget your anonymous online visitors as well as attribute who from the mailing went to the website.
In short this is a 30 day, omnichannel campaign designed around your direct mail campaign to provide maximum lift.


90% of interested people will visit your website before calling you.
96% of your website visitors will leave before taking action.

Want to know WHO visited your website
AND WHAT actions they took?

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